Justice International works to provide legal assistance and overall support to human rights defenders and lawyers

We focus on those working to bring equality, justice, and rule of law to all and who, as a result of their work, face intimidation and retaliation. Justice International also provides assistance to improve the fundamentals of rule of law in environments where corruption is common and freedoms of speech, expression, and assembly are limited we strive to take on the most challenging cases in challenging environments because those taking risks to support basic human rights deserve our support and recognition.


We advocate for fundamental basic human rights such as fair trial standards, respect for the freedom of assembly and expression, and access to justice. A world where more countries acknowledge the importance of rule of law, justice, and transparency is a safer world for all of us.



We are lawyers, human rights experts, activists, and practitioners

Justice International is a non-profit, non-political, 501(c)3 non-governmental organization dedicated to defending and promoting the rule of law in Eurasia. The fight for human rights and justice is not a theoretical one for us – we have worked in countries struggling with the rule of law.


The staff and volunteers of Justice International have worked in the field of human rights and rule of law for many years, while living both overseas and in the US. Their experiences range from working with specific human rights defenders to advising local governments and parliamentary committees on how to bring laws into compliance with international standards. Some of the staff served in U.S. embassies covering various areas including the legal reforms, anticorruption and human rights portfolios in Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.


We address each case individually

Through our extensive network and partnerships in the human rights community, we receive referrals and direct requests for pro-bono support from human rights defenders (HRD) including lawyers, journalists, and labor and environmental activists.


We address each case individually, identifying pro-bono attorneys who can provide assistance based on their regional and language expertise, and work closely with human rights defenders, their local representatives and their lawyers to chart out the strategy of a case.


Depending on the case, we can provide technical legal assistance from matters as detailed as specific aspects of a legal argument to general guidance regarding the procedures of international human rights bodies. We can support HRDs at any stage of the legal proceedings - before the trial, during the trial or at the appeal stage. We also raise awareness about some cases or issues when needed. 

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