Trainings and Workshops

Justice International supports Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and lawyers through hands-on training sessions with experts and practitioners on many various topics depending on the needs and requests from our local partners and individual HRDs.

Our tailored workshops may focus on educating participants on international human rights legal standards and corresponding local norms, as well as providing interactive practical exercises on using existing UN mechanisms, UN special procedures, and UN complaints processes.  Our experts walk participants through the best practices and practical examples of how to apply these international standards in difficult and repressive situations in local conditions.  Experts also advice participants on the best litigation strategies in specific cases the participants working on.  Participants are also guided through discussions of how concepts such as a right to a fair trial, access to justice, confidentially of communications, and effective representation can be applied in real-life situations.

For example, in 2017, Justice International, together with its partners, organized trainings in Kyrgyzstan for HRDs that focused on how to apply international human rights standards practices in Uzbekistan. Our experts using extensive regional knowledge advised on how to use international mechanisms in challenging conditions.

In 2018, Justice International’s experts conducted small workshops for human rights lawyers from the regions of Kyrgyzstan on international legal standards of professional lawyers’ rights and the importance of its protections. The experts also conducted workshops for the members of civil society including journalists, HRDs.

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