Currently, we are supporting lawyers and human rights defenders from the Eurasian region. This is a region where human rights abuses and violations continue to be commonplace. These individuals are monitoring the human rights situation in countries with extremely restrictive and difficult conditions, and are in need of assistance and support from the international community.  

We provide legal assistance, advocacy and technical support and trainings to lawyers and human rights defenders who work in difficult conditions facing pressure and retaliation as a result of their efforts.

We have created a mentorship program to empower and support local lawyers in other countries to help not only with general legal career advice, but also to spread information in cases of pressure and retaliation.

Our legal assistance is focused on helping lawyers make use of appropriate existing international legal mechanisms when defending the rights of human rights defenders. Our pro-bono experts help lawyers with legal defense strategies in specific cases or helping the lawyers with preparing the legal documents.

We also engage in advocacy ourselves in support of human rights defenders.  Our staff has years of experience working with international legal mechanisms, and we at times work in partnership with local attorneys to ensure that human rights defenders come to the attention of the international human rights community.

Justice International also conducts small workshops and interactive trainings for lawyers and human rights defenders from Eurasia. We bring lawyers together to share experience and learn from experts from the United States and Europe on strategies and best practices. 

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