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December 10, 2017


Following UNiTE’s the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign, we highlight women-lawyers and human rights defenders who work to end violence against women and girls around the word.



Nona Galstyan, a lawyer from Armenia, works to support women, who are victims of domestic violence. Nona works at a non-profit organization called Women’s Support Center. 

Since 2012, Nona has been working to protect the rights of women and children, the victims of domestic violence in Armenia. Given the absence of a law on domestic violence, every day Nona faces challenges when supporting the rights of women and girls. While representing the victims, Nona filed two cases at the European Court of Human Rights. Nona has had a high success rate when representing her clients - almost 80% of the cases were decided in her clients’ favor. 

Nona also works to support victims of sexual assaults. Currently, the Criminal Code of Armenia does not have a consent-based approach towards sexual assaults, so it is not easy for Nona to pursue criminal cases when perpetrators are in long-term relationships with the victims. To change the situation, Nona works to raise awareness about this issue among the public and legal professionals.


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